Christmas Tree Has Touched Down

There are endless stars in night sky......
Have you ever wondered who makes these shining stars?On a small planet there lived "Gaz".

There lives "Gaz "in a small planet with his friend "Jojo" the fish.
Gaz makes stars to feed Jojo everyday.
One day strangers from another planet come and ask Gaz to make stars to decorating their Christmas tree.
They invite him to their planet for their Christmas party.
Gaz makes a lot of stars and take off to their planet to join the Christmas party.
On the planet they are practicing juggling, balancing, and rope-walking for the party.
After they finish decorating the tree, they take off and look for a place to have their Christmas party.
They find a beautiful blue planet.
The Christmas tree touches down to the planet, and they start the party.
People from other planets also come to join the party.
Wishing all the best for the brilliant blue planet forever.

  Hi! My name is "Gaz" and I live in a small planet.
  I make stars everyday to feed my friend "Jojo" .
  After work each day I really love a pint spirit!
  How are you today, Jojo?
  Here are some stars for you.
  It's a nice sunny day today isn't it?
  What's that strange thing up in the sky?
  Oh! It looks like it's getting closer!
  The strangers have asked me to bring a lot of stars for their Christmas Tree.
   I'd better start making them.
  I'm going to be Busy! Busy! Busy!
 "Here we are, Gaz. This is our planet.
  Get ready , we are about to land!"
 What are they doing?
 Are they just playing?
 " No, they are practicing a circus show for a Christmas party.
 We are really looking foward to having a Christmas party."
  Look! Spaceships from other planets are coming to jointhe party one after another.
  Everybody is welcome to join in.
  Fun! Fun!  Fun!
 I hope this planet stays brilliant blue like this forever and ever!